The A.V. Closet is a Springboard for the Arts service that allows artists to borrow cameras, lighting equipment, projectors and other audio-visual equipment.

NOTE: As of July 2021, the A.V. Closet is open again for Friday afternoon pickup and drop-off hours at our offices on University Avenue.

Equipment can be borrowed for one week (six overnights from Friday to the following Friday) at no charge, for one rental period per month. You can check out up to six items per rental period. If you need to check out more than six items, contact us to make special arrangements. There is an annual fee of $20. It's also available as a free service to registered members of the Incubator and ReadyGo programs, and to current Creative Economy Fellows.

How it works

Public memberships in the AV Closet require a 10-minute phone call with Springboard staff and an annual fee of $20 to be paid before equipment can be borrowed. Payments can be made over the phone with a major credit card. 

Your membership for the AV Closet program will be approved within one business day (and probably a lot sooner). When this happens, you'll receive a second confirmation email. Once you've received that, you'll be ready to make reservations and check out equipment.


  • Equipment checked out Friday is due back the following Friday

Instructions for new users

Click “Create Account” on the righthand top of the page. Fill out the form there, choosing a username and password. Leave the ID number blank, and you'll be automatically assigned one.

IMPORTANT! This will take you to the Account page. Make sure the information is correct, and then in the organization field, write Public. If you're in the Incubator or ReadyGo programs, or a current Creative Economy fellow, enter the name of the relevant program instead. Then hit the green save button.

You’ll then receive two email confirmations: one to let you know your membership request has been processed, and a second to let you know it’s been approved, and then to schedule your orientation and make payment arrangements. Equipment rentals will be approved for lending on a first come, first serve basis.


Consult our manual library here.

COVID-19 safety precautions

Springboard staff will be masked. Please wear a mask when you pick-up and drop-off.

Call or text 651-294-0907 when you arrive. All pick-ups and drop-offs are curbside at an outdoor location. You won't be required to come indoors, and upon request, Springboard staff can load the equipment into your trunk for you. The transactions take less than two minutes, in most cases, and occur entirely outside.

All items are sanitized with medical-grade antibacterial wipes before going out, and once again when they're received.

Pickups and drop-offs are timed out in 15-minute blocks so that only one borrower will be present at a time.